Attractions in Dallas

Attractions in Dallas near the Dallas Convention Center include the Dallas Museum of Art. Constructed in 1903, the facility houses a vast collection containing over 24,000 pieces representing artists and cultures from around the world. The exhibits also span from ancient times to contemporary works created by modern artists. Ancient exhibits begin in 3000 B.C. and continue through the fall of the Roman Empire. The American Collection includes paintings, sketches and sculptures created over the last 300 years and derived from Canada, Mexico and the United States. Other collections come from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

The unique exhibits featured in the Dallas World Aquarium showcase cultures around the world through animal, plant and marine life. In the rainforest exhibit, visitors encounter everything from exotic parrots and toucans to sloths, crocodiles and river otters. Guests also have the opportunity of seeing the gentle giant manatees and a variety of monkeys at play. The eight story Mayan exhibit features amphibians, reptiles amongst eagles and hummingbirds commonly found on the Yucatan Peninsula. Visitors thrill at the sight of the many rays, sawfish and sharks that comprise the underwater environment.

Historic downtown Dallas, which contains the Dallas County Plaza, is another one of the attractions in Dallas near the Dallas Convention Center. Here visitors tour the John Neely Bryan Cabin. This replicated one room log cabin represents the home constructed by the attorney credited with establishing the city in 1841. Across the street stands a modest structure known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Across the street from the memorial stands the Old Red Courthouse. Constructed in 1890 from granite and limestone in Romanesque Revival architectural design, the building serves as the Dallas Visitors Center.

The American Museum of Miniature Arts attracts guests of all ages. Displays range from a miniature 1690 country home to a typical 1960 bachelor's pad. The free admission facility also houses a number of antique toys, dioramas, dollhouses and miniature street scenes. The collection includes a number of western and Victorian homes filled with exquisite tiny details. Male visitors venture to the miniature weapons exhibit and the haunted mansion filled with ghouls and vampires.

Stroll to the Old City Park and explore the Dallas Heritage Village. The expansive 20-acre tree covered lawn features a recreated town that represents life from 1840 to the early 1900s. Visit the carriage house, the doctor's office and the local hotel. Inside the buildings of the living museum, which depict homes and stores, guests find artisans demonstrating blacksmithing, cooking, weaving and other historic crafts.