Dallas Shopping

West Village Shopping Center
If you are looking to get some shopping done between meetings at the Dallas Convention Center, check out the West Village Shopping Center, just a few minutes north of the Center. West Village is an urban shopping venue with many well-known and modern shops. The center also includes restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy during your shopping.

Dallas Market Center
If you want a fashionable shopping venue where you can spend some time while attending a conference at the Dallas Convention Center, take a look at the Dallas Market Center. Just a few blocks from the Convention Center, the Dallas Market Center offers everything from clothing and accessories to shows about new product lines and home decor ideas. The Dallas Market Center is a wholesale shopping venue with many unique and modern products.

Lakewood Village Shopping Center
Set within the downtown district of Dallas, near the Convention Center, the Lakewood Village Shopping Center offers many well-known and established specialty shops that have been a part of downtown Dallas for many years. The Shopping center features everything from photography studios and realtors to banks, home decorating shops, art studios, wine merchants and more. The Lakewood Theatre is set within the shopping center and the area is seeing a growing public interest in the downtown shops.

Inwood Village
If you are looking for a more modern and up-to-date shopping environment, check out the Inwood Village, just a few minutes north of the Convention Center. Inwood Village includes a number of famous fashion shops like the Gap and Blinc as well as many home furnishing shops, specialty stores, shoes, jewelry, beauty services and even restaurants and cafes where you can get something to eat while you are shopping. Whether you need a haircut, a cup of coffee or want to see a movie, you will find it here at Inwood Village.

The Pavilion Shopping Center
When you want a unique and intimate shopping destination while you are attending meetings at the Convention Center, check out the Pavilion Shopping Center, just a few minutes northwest of the Convention Center. The Pavilion includes many specialty stores that provide you with everything from jewelry and clothing to hair salons, banking services and package mailing. The Pavilion offers many great shops for you to visit when you have just a short time and do not want to deal with the crowds.